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Offering adult and kids yoga instruction near the Seattle communities of Phinney Ridge, Fremont, Ballard, Greenwood

Phinney Ridge Yoga teachers are known in the Seattle community for their compassionate approach and experience in adapting classes to meet individual needs.  Our community classes are wonderfully diverse, with students ranging in age from 14 – 90 years old!  We offer a variety of gentle and moderate yoga classes in the Kripalu, Pranakriya, and Viniyoga Traditions. Read below for descriptions of the different styles and physical levels.

Yoga Basics

A class incorporating beginning level yoga postures with some stronger options for those who would like them. Focus will also be given to breath-work and the meditative aspects of practice.

Gentle Level

These classes are great for people who live with chronic pain, injuries or illness or who would just like to move at a slower and more relaxing pace. Emphasis is also given to breath work, philosophy and the meditative/spiritual aspects of practice.

Moderate Level

A couple of steps up from the gentle practice in terms of strengthening and physical challenge. Teachers work in a developmental manner, beginning with a gentler version of a posture/sequence and building gradually to a more advanced version. There is still plenty of room to modify as needed and permission given to stick with less physically demanding practices. Our teachers are very experienced at adapting movement to meet individual needs. Emphasis is also given to breath, philosophy and the meditative/spiritual aspects of practice.

Moderate Flow

These classes incorporate all of the elements of a regular Moderate class but move at a slightly quicker pace, creating a sense of “flow”. Flowing from one posture slowly and mindfully into the next supports healthy circulation, energy flow, and a meditative, introspective state.


A Moderate level yoga class that incorporates 1 hour of asanas and 15 minutes of guided meditation.

Energize and Strengthen

Based on the Viniyoga methodology, this class will focus on practices that help to strengthen and tone the deep core and full body as we energize the nervous system. Students are still encouraged to work at their own pace and there will be plenty of options given to people working with injuries or illness. A great and safe workout in a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere.


A gentle level yoga class where a part of each session is devoted to working with restorative postures using bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows to help facilitate deep restoration on the cellular level.  These classes are offered periodically. Please call 206-547-2172 for more information.


“Community Classes” are offered at a discounted rate: $50/5 class card; $80/10 class cards. $16/drop in. Class cards are good for 3 months. Studio monthly passes are also welcome in these classes.